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The RA(S) has been actively helping licensed members in the matters of business and adhering to regulations. We aim to be a single voice and a strong body in representing the money transfer businesses in Singapore. 

Membership to the Remittance Association (Singapore) is open only for businesses that hold a license issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to provide a cross border or domestic money transfer services. Currently, there is no provision for individual memberships. 

Although joining the association is not mandatory, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has actively supported the formation of the Association and encourages all licensed money transfer businesses in Singapore to join the RA(S).

So what can you expect from us? 

  • Get Access to our document templates and other resources for your business.
  • Enhance your skills with our AML-CFT & other relevant workshops & seminars.
  • Learn more about current regulations & the changing payments landscapes.
  • Enjoy Member Discounts from the Association’s bulk purchases.
  • Voice out your challenges & concerns to the Regulator via the Association.
  • Network with your fellow associates.

Download the RA(S) membership drive brochure here

RAS Membership Brochure.pdf